Monday, 9 November 2009

Sarawak Energy Board new Building

Located at Isthmus,the building currently in the making.Before known as sarawak Energy Board,it was known as Sesco (Sarawak Electricity Company) recent years Sesco rebranded into SEB..maybe they want to shorten their name like TNB..the shorter their name the better..


harmdone7 said...

SEB - Sarawak Energy Berhad
SESCo (o memang kecik) - Sarawak Electricity Supply Corporation.

Sarawak the only state in Malaysia with independent energy provider. Sabah used to have LLS - Lembaga Letrik Sabah which has been absorbed into TNB which serves the rest of Malaysia.

harmdone7 said...

Nama Melayu SESCo ialah PPES - Perbadanan Pembekalan Elektrik Sarawak

thrasher115 said...

SESCO masih exist cuma it's become little part of SEB..SEB take it all about Energy,while now SESCO only have part in giving and checking electric biils