Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Luak Esplanade Miri

Luak mean bay,but in Miri there is a place call Luak bay,so it pronounce twice.Bay Bay hehhe..the main attraction here is the Esplanade.Actually nothing speacial there,just an esplanade,sand,sea,bird,sunset and thats all..hahah . My house just nearby to the beach and sea ,i see all this things everyday haha,except for people tahat randomly or jarang jarang seeing sand,beach or what so ever related to the sea,just come here.

I stay in Miri about 8 years since 1998..back then there is no Esplanade there,there just call this place Luak in front of Maktab Perguruan Miri.(teacher's college).During that time weekend.i with my friend lik eto go there for mukat or other word menjaring ikan (netting fish)..we put a long fish net along the beach and put tjhere for a few minute then we pull the net back to the the fish stuck there..actually this method is faster for getting a fidh compare to fishing..and the truth i dont like fishing..hmm soo boring..

Beside that during the bubok season (small shrimp) ,west malaysian call it udang geragau,lot and lot of people come here netting the bubok.i'll blog about the bubok later.The bubok is the main ingridient making a belacan..Shrimp paste..if you dont know whta it is you should try it.The shape of Belacan look alike a cake hehe..