Friday, 13 November 2009

An Kayan hero

One hero behind the moved of his own race, this portrait, is a paramount chief in Borneo. [Photo James Ritchie's book] Senator Dato' Sri Temenggong Oyong Lawai Jau QMC, MBE, PNBS, DYAM [Born 1894] was a statesman and leader who lived an exemplary life.
He did not have the opportunity to go to school, but through his exposure to the developed world he was able to take on the responsibility of stewardship.

"When the opportunity came for Sarawak to become part of an independent country, Temenggong Oyong Lawai Jau convinced his people that there was more to gain than lose by joining the Federation of Malaysia. He likened the invitation for Sarawak to join the Federation as “a small state being invited to join a bigger and more successful country and moving ahead together”. Even though there was the risk of being swallowed up by the bigger country, he felt that it was from a backward State to one of the most developed in the whole of Malaysia." [Chief Minister of Sarawak]