Friday, 7 July 2017

Mega Hotel Miri Construction

Mega Hotel Miri (during construction) Circa 1992. A few urban legend related to this Hotel during Construction.When we talk about urban legend,it maybe sound like true but definitely it just maybe a kedai kopi story that started by one person and then added value by another person,then one things lead to another,when it spread to 10 or more than 20 person,the story become viral from mouth to mouth and become sensations.It start from hoax and when more people know the story,it sound and became like real.

One story i heard from a friend(and of course my friend heard it from another friend etc etc),about one lady bring her young child walking nearby the construction site,she just talk to a friend nearby and then suddenly she find out her child suddenly missing.She cry aloud and people start helping her looking around here and there ,but the child is mysteriously missing in thin air.

And after that,story start emerged saying that the child was abducted by the construction worker at Mega Hotel,of course not for harvesting body part or sale the child to oversea for human trafficking like today, but for construction site ritual.Yep, human sacrifice in any construction site is a famous urban legend in whole Sarawak or maybe some part of Malaysia.People says,the sacrifice is important to make construction progress faster than before.Not only for big building like hotel or government building but sometime need for bridge or a house.

Back to the story of grieve Mother that lost her child, a few weeks after her lost.Suddenly there a few thousand ringgit were bank in to her account.Hearsay and mouthsay saying the money is deposited by the persons abducted her son ,give to her as compensation for the loss of her child.Sound ridiculous right ??

Anyway , that's why they call it Urban Legend.Many people heard of it and they maybe believe it even it sound ridiculous and unnatural.