Thursday, 12 November 2009

Masjid India Kuching and the Spice market

Indian Moswue of Kuching located at the centre of Old Kuching town Centre.previously opposite of Ceko and wet Market of Kuching which now already demolish for future waterfront project.Photo above showing a lane connecting from India Street pedestrian Mall,pass by near Masjid India then connect to Jalan Gambier.

India Street pedestrian mall consist shop selling most of cloth,shoes,restaurant,book,money changer while on the other side of the road(Jalan Gambir) the shop sell more to daily use like vegetable,fish,and most of all Gambier street known to local and outsiders as a place selling herbs and spices.

A view From Indian Mosque toward Market ,now the market is demolished for future waterfront project.

Outside the can found lot of traders selling Herb and spices,and other household items.most of the traders there are Indian .