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Piasau Camp Bridge

A view of Piasau Camp Bridge at Piasau Camp ,Miri. A yesteryear photo of the bridge (above) and recent photo (new bridge ) with two lane for motorist.The old bridge now is only for bicycle or pedestrian.The old bridge was the only bridge connecting from the town side to the Piasau Camp side.Few years back there was ferry services at the tip of Pulau Melayu Island ( south side of Piasau Camp area).

The other way to come to this Piasau Camp is via Lutong which took longer time and very far compare using this bridge.I remember when using the old bridge,when came to peak hour,morning,noon and after office hour,this are can become so jammed.It's because the old bridge only one way and lots of car and motorcycles want to use the bridge in the same time,either from the Piasau Camp side or from the town side.

Users are not only from Piasau Camp resident but also from the villager live nearby (Kampung Pulau Melayu),and Golfers at Pulau melayu Golf area,and  People live near to Lutong consist of Petronas workers and villagers .In recent years there's a lot development in nearby area such as new housing area and development of Marina Bay in this area,the new Piasau Camp Bridge is the right time where came along development in this area.There's a traffic light on the old bridge and this traffic light work differently from other types of traffic light. It can turn green and red in split second and event its turn green you must wait for a while,awaring some motorist from across river will use the bridge event the  traffic light change red.

Sadly the more than half century Piasau camp also will be demolished to give way for a new development in this area.Hopefully the green part of this area shall be retained and give this area identity of its own.The nearby Kampung and Golf park also will be moved in near future and this will make a new landscape for this area.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Lagenda Apartment Kuching.

There is new apartment will be built in Kuching,This is a very good location and hopefully will boost the density of the area. Located at Jalan Matthies,just nearby to Hills shopping Complex (Pullman Hotel) >Land clearance has started end of 2012 and construction will be started this year and target will be ready by 2015.For more Inquiry just call the phone number above..

Sungai Baong Miri

Cemetery for People and Ship at Sungai Baong Miri.Sungai Baong located at riverbank of Miri.Just few minutes walk from Miri town,this place is known for Graveyard. For Moslems and Chinese.Cemetry side by side and Cemetry for ships where old and wreck ship abandoned rusted and left to destroy..

Borneo Highland Resort Kuching

Borneo Highlands Resort is located 70km away from the town of Kuching. Located within the midst of the 2nd oldest tropical rainforest in the world, visitors will be amazed at the beauty of the resort and will definately enjoy their stay here at the resort.

Rooms and Suites
The resort's clubhouse offers altogether 62 rooms and suits. All rooms offer spectacular view of the breathtaking surroundings and the rainforest. 
Rooms/Suites available: Junior Suite, Par Suite, Gold Room & Club Room.

With 18 room sized lockers on each floors, it is but a golfers paradise. Rooms are numbered according to the holes of a golf course, and every floor labeled by the tee box xolours (red, white, blue, gold). The concept of 'Golf Beyond the Golf Course' is applied to almost everything, from the entire concept of the place to the furnitures. 

Each suites have different names, they are Birdie, Par, Eagle, Condor and Albatross. All of them are decorated with designs by skillful craftsman. 

Located approximately 2.5km from the lighthouse are 5 units of chalets. Providing visitors a spendid view of the rainforest and the mountains, it is an ideal place for families to stay on vacation or for those who just prefer avoiding work and just relax.
Their Dream Home bungalow lots (Residential Home Program) provides visitors with the perfect accomodation of their choice in 3 different locations.
Borneo Forest (Phase 1)
Gold Forest (Phase 2)
Hornbill Forest (Phase 3)

Restaurants and Cafe

Annah Rais Cafe
A wide selection of local and international dishes to choose from. A great place for those who prefer healthier food. They believe that what's good from the soil is good for the soul. Different types of wine are available for choosing as well.

The Hornbill's Nest
Tea lovers would love to stop by The Horbill's Nest, located next to te spa. Served here is a wide variety of tea, especially asian, all freshly brewed. Fresh juices are available as well. To add to the experience, drop in after your visit to the spa to enjoy the Japanese and Chinese tea. Try out Horbill Nests's recommendation: the Borneo Highlands organic tea.

One of the most popular activities that can be seen there is golfing. With the perfect climate and temperature ranging from 18C-28C, the highland is the perfect golfing experience. There are two types 
Two types of golfing experience include:
Hornbill Golf
18-Hole Golf Course

Jungle Spa
Services including foot reflexology, aromatherapy, body treatment and the traditional Bidayuh massage. Visitors will get to lay back and relax in the sauna, steam baths, spa pools and jacuzzis. 

Meeting Room
What better place to hold meetings, with quiet and peaceful surroundings? Provided are excellent services and facilities. Outdoor activities among colleagues are encouraged to build team workers.

TV room
Reading Lounge
Fitness Centre
Steam room/Sauna
Jungle spa
Hot & Cold therapy pools
18-hole golf course

Flower garden/ farm/nursery
Bidayuh Longhouse Tour
Jungle trekking
Mountain Climbing
Tour of the Highlands

Location Map
Borneo Highlands Resort

For further Inquiry

Address: 2nd Floor, Lot 1269, Block 17, KCLD, Jalan Lapangan Terbang, 93250, 
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel: (6) 082-577930 or (6)082-578930 Fax: (6)082-576 680 Email:

Friday, 1 February 2013

Eyebird View of Satok area

A not so along ago when Satok Market (pasar Minggu.Weekend Market) still in Satok.Now January 2013,Satok Market has moved to Kubah Ria area where the name change to Medan Niaga Satok,The new place is more hygienic ,cleaner and have many accomodation compare to old Market area which happened in between shophouses and near to residency area.



KUALA LUMPUR: The Asean International Film Festival and Awards (Aiffa) to be organised by Malaysia next year will feature filmmakers from Hollywood and India’s Bollywood along with those from Asean countries.

To begin on March 28, the three-day festival will be held in Kuching, Deputy Minister of Information, Communications and Culture Datuk Joseph Salang said. He said the event was aimed at creating an avenue for Asean filmmakers as well as their counterparts from Hollywood and Bollywood to network with one another.

“More importantly, this international film festival will also provide Asean filmmakers the opportunity to work in tandem with the objectives of the Asean integration process,” he said at the Aiffa 2013 media launch here yesterday. The festival is also backed by the Sarawak Tourism Ministry, the Foreign Ministry and National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (Finas).

Present at the media launch were Aiffa director Livan Tajang and film festival consultant from Hollywood, Steven Bernard. Salang said despite promoting Asean films internationally, the festival would be a platform for long-term sustainable economic objectives, such as job creation in the film industry. Meanwhile, Livan said the event would not only enable filmmakers to collaborate but a lso accord recognition to outstanding achievements in Asean cinema.

“We intend to make Aiffa 2013 a platform to have the state(Sarawak) recognised as a hub for the film industry to move forward,” she said.
She said the event would likely feature Hollywood producers Kymber Lim, Christopher Chen and Greg Levinsohn, who was nominated for an Oscar for his work in ‘Saving Private Ryan’. — Bernama

Read more:

Visit AIFFA's Official webage:

Crocodile Caught in Kuching

Crocodile weight about 600kg caugt at Kampung Selang,near to Telaga Air Matang.As the crocs caught at Sungai Teruntum ,Kampung Selang. Sarawak Governor (his House near to Kampung) named this crocs as Bujang Selang.In Sarawak,most of the Crocodile given surname as Bujang (Bujang Senang,Bujang Samarahan etc) attach under is cutting from online newspaper Kosmo and Utusan Malaysia related news to this crocodile.

KUCHING - Buaya Bujang Teruntum yang ditangkap di Sungai Teruntum berdekatan rumah rehat Yang Dipertua Negeri Sarawak, Tun Abang Muhammad Salahuddin Abang Barieng di sini kelmarin adalah seberat 629 kilogram (kg) berbanding anggaran asal 300kg.
Berikutan berat luar biasa itu, Abang Muhammad Salahuddin menukar gelaran reptilia itu kepada Bujang Selang yang mengambil sempena nama kampung tempat buaya itu ditangkap.
Berat buaya tersebut disahkan oleh pegawai Perbadanan Perhutanan Sarawak (SFC) yang menimbang reptilia sepanjang lima meter itu setelah ia diangkat oleh sekumpulan 15 lelaki ke atas tebing sungai semalam.
Kerja-kerja menimbang berat buaya itu dilakukan selepas ia dikeluarkan dari sangkar yang memerangkapnya di sungai berkenaan untuk dibawa ke Pusat Perlindungan Hidupan Liar Matang di sini.
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KUCHING 28 Jan. - Walaupun menyedari terdapat banyak buaya dalam sungai di hadapan rumah rehatnya di Kampung Selang di sini, Yang Dipertua Negeri Sarawak, Tun Abang Muhammad Salahuddin Abang Barieng tidak menyangka salah seekor daripadanya mencecah berat sehingga 620 kilogram.
Menurutnya, buaya sepanjang lima meter tersebut merupakan yang pertama ditangkap dengan seberat itu.
''Sebelum ini Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) ada menangkap seekor buaya di sungai ini tetapi tidaklah seberat kali ini,'' katanya ketika ditemui semasa melihat alat penimbang khas yang digunakan oleh SFC untuk menimbang berat buaya itu di sini hari ini.
Yang hadir sama isteri beliau, Toh Puan Norkiah Abdullah. Malah Norkiah memaklumkan beliau pernah ternampak reptilia yang lebih besar di sungai itu tahun lalu.
Menurut Abang Muhammad Salahuddin, buaya tersebut yang ditangkap semalam sepatutnya ditukar nama daripada Bujang Teruntum kepada Bujang Selang bersesuaian dengan nama kampung ini iaitu Kampung Selang.
Buaya tembaga jantan itu ditangkap oleh beberapa anggota SFC di Sungai Teruntum yang terletak dalam kawasan rumah rehat Abang Muhammad Salahuddin selepas melakukan operasi memburu sejak seminggu lalu.
Menurut SFC, kesemua reptilia yang diburu itu tidak akan dibunuh sebaliknya dipindahkan ke Matang Wildlife bagi mengelak ancaman bahaya kepada penduduk.
Selepas berjaya mengeluarkan Bujang Selang dari sangkar, pihak SFC terpaksa meminta bantuan pekerja ladang di situ bagi mengusung reptilia tersebut.
Keadaan semakin berisiko apabila mereka perlu mengusung reptilia tersebut dan mendaki bukit sejauh 200 meter dengan mengambil masa lebih tiga jam.
Hari ini Utusan Malaysia melaporkan SFC berjaya menangkap seekor buaya sepanjang lima meter yang dipercayai membaham anjing peliharaan pekerja ladang selepas terperangkap di dalam sangkar khas dengan umpan bangkai ayam

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Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Selatan Building

Bangunan Pejabat Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Selatan (Formerly known as Majlis Bandaraya Kuching Selatan),bangunan terletak di Kawasan Padungan bersebelahan stadium Hoki dan Padang Jubilee.Dahulunya kawasan ini adalah Padang Lumba Kuda Kuching.