Monday, 10 July 2017

Kalan Tok Nan - Redevelopment of Gambier Street and Lebuh Jawa of Kuching Esplanade

Proposed Kalan Tok Nan (Pengkalan Tok Nan /Tok Nan Jetty ) Mix development of  Brooke Dockyard Muzeum Heritage, Apartment,Shopping Mall at Kuching Esplanade of Gambier Street and Lebuh Jawa.

Floating Mosque can be seen on the first photo and on the second photo showing Masjid bahagian .

Friday, 7 July 2017

Mega Hotel Miri Construction

Mega Hotel Miri (during construction) Circa 1992. A few urban legend related to this Hotel during Construction.When we talk about urban legend,it maybe sound like true but definitely it just maybe a kedai kopi story that started by one person and then added value by another person,then one things lead to another,when it spread to 10 or more than 20 person,the story become viral from mouth to mouth and become sensations.It start from hoax and when more people know the story,it sound and became like real.

One story i heard from a friend(and of course my friend heard it from another friend etc etc),about one lady bring her young child walking nearby the construction site,she just talk to a friend nearby and then suddenly she find out her child suddenly missing.She cry aloud and people start helping her looking around here and there ,but the child is mysteriously missing in thin air.

And after that,story start emerged saying that the child was abducted by the construction worker at Mega Hotel,of course not for harvesting body part or sale the child to oversea for human trafficking like today, but for construction site ritual.Yep, human sacrifice in any construction site is a famous urban legend in whole Sarawak or maybe some part of Malaysia.People says,the sacrifice is important to make construction progress faster than before.Not only for big building like hotel or government building but sometime need for bridge or a house.

Back to the story of grieve Mother that lost her child, a few weeks after her lost.Suddenly there a few thousand ringgit were bank in to her account.Hearsay and mouthsay saying the money is deposited by the persons abducted her son ,give to her as compensation for the loss of her child.Sound ridiculous right ??

Anyway , that's why they call it Urban Legend.Many people heard of it and they maybe believe it even it sound ridiculous and unnatural.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Retro Photo of Ariel View of Kuching

Aerial View of Kuching Town circa 1920's.A few building and places we can recognized and still exist today,some are demolished and some have changes.Kuching Main Post Office on Jalan Tun Haji Openg only built on 1931,Completed in 1932 under Charles Vyner (the third Rajah).

The site was once used for a police station and also the Rajah’s Stables. Occupants of the old Medical Headquarters across the road (now is Textile Museum) fondly recall looking to the Rajah’s Stables, surrounded by areca palms, to the coach house, hay loft and harness room, and watching the horses being fed, watered & groomed.

Buildings at Riverfront of Gambier Road all are demolished now (circa early 2010's) for development of Kuching Waterfront extention.Padang Merdeka (known before as Padang Central) not as big as today.There was a road back then,and few buildings nearby.As what i can remembered ,during my childhood years at the end of 1970's ,the road still there,and there was a fountain too.

In my humble opinion,some building need to be retain.No need for demolish,we can refurbish and keep it for our future generations appreciate our heritage and history.But,what to do,we can only become observer for everything that change around us.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Life in Long House

Dayak working on a platform attached to a long house, with left of them storage places for freshly harvested rice.Nowadays some Dayak Long House build with modern style and dont have this type of space anymore. (Circa 1931 :  Collectie Stichting Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen)

Sungai Sarawak circa 1981

Pemandangan di Sungai Sarawak sekitar tahun 1981.Jika dibandingkan dengan sekarang (June 2017).Terdapat banyak perubahan yang kita boleh lihat dan bezakan ,antaranya

1.Bentuk Perahu Tambang - Rata-ratanya pada ketika ini banyak yang masih menggunakan kayuhan sahaja membelah Sungai Sarawak.Berbanding sekarang menggunakan Engine Boat dan Kayuhan (bergantung air pasang-surut atau cuaca dan arus sungai)

2.Tebingan Sungai Kuching - Tebingan Sungai Kuching atau Kuching Waterfront dibina sekitar awal 1990an.Sebelum itu kaasan tebingan Kuching ini adalah Pelabuhan untuk kapal-kapal dagang ,Kapal Tentera,Kapal-kapal dari jabatan kerajaan lain dan kapal-kapal Swasta.

Terdapat juga gudang-gudang besar yang menjadi tempat penyimpanan barang-barang yang diturunkan dari kapal ,Kebanyakkan gudang  tersebut telah dirobohkan kecuali satu yang dijadikan "Godown Ampithetre" untuk tujuan persembahan seperti acara tarian,nyanyian dan sebagainya.

Terdapat juga sebuah bangunan yang dikekalkan menjadi kedai dan restoran.
Dengan terbinanya "Sarawak Barrage" dan dua Tambak iaitu Tambak bako dan Tambak pending,Sungai sarawak telah berubah kegunaannya,dahulu banyak kapal-kapal bersaiz dari kecil hingga besar termasuk bot ekspress yang menuju ke perkampungan pesisir bergerak melaluinya.Namun sekarang sudah agak sunyi,hanya kapal nelayan Bot Tunda,perah-perahu kecil nelayan dan paling besarpun kapal persiaran penumpang yang ada merentasnya.

Salah satu kebaikan yang diperolehi dari terbinanya barrage dan tambak ini ialah,air pasang surut dapat dikawal dimana mudah untuk menganjurkan pesta sungai seperti Regatta,yang mana dahulunya terpaksa menunggu air pasang barulah dapat dilangsungkan.Selain itu,ia dapat mengawal  air semasa banjir .

3. Bangunan DUN baharu - Bukit di belakang yang luas itu adalah tempat dimana DUN Baharu Sekarang.Berhampiran kawasan DUN itu pula terdapat Kuarters dan Ibu Pejabat Pasukan Polis Hutan yang lebih dikenali warga tempatan sebagai Brigade.Keseluruhan kawasan Brigade sudah diluaskan untuk pembinaan DUN.Brigade sekarang sudah dipindahkan ke batu Kawah iaitu kem Pasukan Polis Hutan ,Batalion ke 11.

Terdapat juga sebuah perkampungan tempatan berhampiran kawasan DUN ini iaitu Kampung Astana,kesemuanya telah dipindahkan ke kawasan lain untuk penempatan semula.

Kuching Central phase 2 Integrate with Aeon Mall

 Another Shopping Mall in Kuching,AEON Central integrated with Kuching Central Phase 2.Build on 8.8 acres land nearby Kuching Central,previously was Army camp (Pharmacy).4 Storey with cinema and Aeon as anchor Mall.

Borneo woven basket for crops

Borneo Woven Basket for crops.Local people call it Tambok or Sedong.This basket usually for heavy duties items like putting Farm Produce like vegetables,fruits and sometime animals.Usually this basket made from rattan,but nowadays they make it from Plastic and nylon to make it more heavy duty and last longer.

Kelabit Girls with Bead and Tattos

All Kalabit women are tattooed when they reach the age of sixteen. Bold zigzag bands are traced on the forearm, not completely encircling the limb, and strikingly decorative geometrical designs are tattooed on the thigh, the shin, and sometimes, on the knee-cap. They wear strings of large blue beads around the waist and wrist, and necklaces of smaller beads. (Circa 1922 : Charles Hose)

The Long Gallery Inside the Kayan Long House at Baram

The Long Gallery of the family house as a common residence for its occupants. A house in the average size takes up about two hundred inhabitants, it is built in a rectangle, about three hundred and fifty feet long, and sometimes in the middle of its length passing through a wall into halves, one of which is the open hall, separate. (Photo circa 1912 at kayan Long House at Baram)

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Kalimantan Railway connecting to Kuching

I manage to dig some old photo showing Kalimantan Railway Project.One of the routes,connecting Sambas to Kuching.. So..use your imagination hehehe.. maybe the LRT part connect to this route,from what i heard few years back,probably Kalimantan Route will ended at Lundu as that town nearest to Sambas.. but proposal and project in Sarawak always changing and changing..Maybe the route directly end at Kuching Central  or etc..

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Miri Petronas Museum

Miri Petronas Museum located at the top of Canada Hill Miri,facing Miri City Landscape and South China Sea.This museum located nearby Old Grand lady,or Oil well No.1,first oil well found on 1910 on Borneo Soil.It ceased temporarily during world War 2 (1941) and continue later .

By the way this Hill was named Canada Hill to honor a Canadian by the name of McAlpine who was assigned to erect the well.

This museum officially open on May 20, 2005,It's open everyday except Monday and Public Holiday.Content of this museum is all about oil including traces and history and technological development of oil and gas industries in Malaysia.Tourist and local people come here not only for visiting the museum but to get the beautiful view of Miri City either day time,dawn or night.

Monday, 22 May 2017

New Building in Masja

New Building at Masja Kuching as on May 2017.This building located behind Baitul Makmur building which hosting few State Government Agencies including office of Sarawak Chief Minister.This building will be ready approximately end of this year and will be occupied next year.Similar to the opposite Building (Baitul Makmur) ,this building also will be hosting Sarawak State Agencies.

Currently some of Sarawak State Government agencies offices still scattered around Kuching City.In near future,Sarawak Government targeted most of their Agencies will be centralized in Petra Jaya Area.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Wednesday, 3 May 2017