Saturday, 27 November 2010

New Water Taxi of Sarawak River

Photo : From Uncle Awang
Recently, water Taxi of Sarawak River launched in waterfront during Satok Fest (Satok fest in waterfront??) New concept modern in style and full with safety measure.Few months earlier ,there was a competition organised by SEDC (sarawak Economy Development Authority).Competition to public designing water taxi for Sarawak River.

There is a proposal to make a water taxi in Sarawak River similar to Gondola in Itali.The idea is in context of tourism where it reflect that Kuching is River city like in Milan..huhu..that's is so far away and European,that is their trademark.As a Kuchingite, i opposed this idea.We have our own pak Tambang and this is our Sarawak River Trademark.You think of Sarawak River,the other thing you think is Pak Tambang.So there is no connection between Gondola and Sarawak River.

Friday, 26 November 2010

City One Mall

There is another shopping Complex in Kuching and it becoming bigger and bigger.I don't know what happened to Kuching,after the Spring and Boulevard,there is much more new shopping complex with bigger and bigger size.The competition of capitalism..I'm not against any modernization but on the trail of new shopping complex and building etc etc..keep our heritage like old building which have 1001 history of our place..

Enough for that mumbling statement,anyway currently november 2010,City One mall is still on the making,at the junction Airport Road off jalan Song,the placed considered strategic.From the photo aboved,shown Brighton Building which contain of shophouses and said to have the best Feng Shui area in Kuching..

City One Mall floor plan
-gross area of 1 million sq ft
-Net lettable area of approx. 620,224 sq ft
-37,000 sq ft supermarket (lower ground floor)
-103,000 sq ft departmental store (ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor)
-10 screen cineplex, including 3D Hall! (3rd floor)

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Lun bawang People

Photo: Big credit to

Lun Bawang is a tribe in Sarawak. They are a component of the group of indigenous people collectively known as Orang Ulu.Although there are sub group of Borneo Dayaks. They can be found in the Limbang Division of Sarawak, as well as in the Interior Division of Sabah, Temburong District of Brunei, and in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Althougyh they are known as Lun Bawang in Sarawak, in Sabah they are called Lun Dayeh. Among themselves, they go by the names Lun Lod, Lun Baa and Lun Tana Luun. The different names give a clue as to where they settle. The name Lun Bawang means "people of the interior", Lud Lod means "people of the estuary" and Lun Dayeh means "people of the upriver". When the British were governing Sarawak, the Lun Bawang were often listed as Murut by them, although the Lun Bawang insisted that they belong to a separate, distinct tribe from the Murut, which is another ethnic group in Sabah

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Old Malay House In santubong

An 0ld malay house of santubong,year taken maybe sometimes during 1940's to 1050' there is still some shape remain at kampung Santubong.This house is very unique based on the verandah and others shape that we cannot found in modern Malay Kampung House.