Sunday, 30 September 2012

Masjid Mukah

Mukah Mosque with background view of bangunan Setia Raja.Both are Mukah new Town Icon.Mukah Mosque have a unique dome,not like other mosque in Sarawak which is triangle shape or onion round shape dome,Mukah Mosque dome similar to Melanau Traditional Farmer sunhat which are known in local as "matu terindak"

Several others building in Mukah where Melanau are Majority here also use  Matu terindak motives on their building top.It's an identity to outsiders that even the Town is become bigger with modern infrastructure ,but people here still remember and know their culture roots

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Proposed Mydin Supermall in Petra Jaya

Propose Mydin Supermall in Petra Jaya Kuching,c;earing land and construction has been started (september 2012) and Project will be ready in 2 years time.Mydin Supermall located in Vista Tunku Project at Petra Jaya Kuching.

New E- Mart Building in Batu Kawa

New Emart Building in Jalan Batu Kawa , Kuching.When ready it will become the biggest E Mart in Sarawak.Now (September 2012) - Project has started and will be ready in one to 2 years time.

The project comprises of shophouses, 8-storey employee's apartment and a 2-storey mall anchored by Emart Supermarket. Project started, slated to complete by 2014. The mall covers an area of 8.9 acres, with more than 300 retail outlets under one roof!

Land size: 22.5 acres
Parking space: 1,600 lots
Expected completion date (Phase 1 | Mall): Q4 2013
Expected completion date (Phase 2 | Shophouses): Q2 2014

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Cable Car at Santubong Mountain

This Project is near to reality and will be realised in near future.The red zone mark as a newresorts and Marina Park for that area. The cable Car route is From top of santubong Mountain and have 3 stop point..
1.Waterfall point
2.Mangroves Point
3.Family Park Point (near to Pulau Kera and Current Kampung Pasir Pandak)