Thursday, 25 December 2008

Komuter Keretapi Tanah Melayu

1.Dalam masa sebulan lebih menghampiri 2 bulan aku di Kuala Lumpur ni dan stay kat area Sunway(petaling Jaya selatan) makanya pengangkutan yang paling afdal dan mudah sekali bagi aku nak ke pusatbandar untuk ke PEJABAT dan urusan lain makanya adalah dengan melalui Komuter nih (Commuter).

2.Sebelum ni masa datang ke kolumpo yalah jarang benar nak naik kimuter yalah masa allu pun adalah sebab nak ke rumah Gapar di Shah alam( member sama lepak di Miri) dan adapun jua kalau nak gi Mid Valley yalah naik dari KL Sentral dan tunggu aliran Seremban then turunlah kat Midvalley ,jangan melampau pulak nak tunggu dan turun di seremban

3.Diulang sekali lagi aku memangjarang dulu naik komuter ni,tapi sekarang memang jadi pengangkutan Rasmi dan dah kenal dengan selok belok jalan,rel,keretapi,polis jaga tren,pemandu,suara pengumumna dan sewaktu dengannya.

4.Dan tahap paling tensen sekali menggunakan tren ni adalah kalau masa pagi nak turun ke Kuala Lumpur dan masa Balik sekitar jam 5 petang ke 8 malam.Jika anda ingin nak tahu bagaimana perasaan sardin terhimpit di dalam tin sardin inilah rasanya teramat sempit,hingga aku pernah bersandar mencium pintu keretapi (dari dalam lah ) oleh kerana terlalu sedak dan padat.Apatah lagi wangi wangian yang orang dalam tu.segala jenis wangian ada,dari Arab,bangla,myanmar,melayu,cina ,india dan sebagainya.

5.Macam ni rupanya hidup di Kuala Lumpur lebih lebih lagi kalau guna public transport,yal;ah kalau dulu dulu nak ke kl ni untuk tujuan jalan jalan saja kan tak merasa pun suasana macam ni,stay kat Kuching lagi ok apatah lagi masa aku kerja kat Miri dulu,15 minit boleh turun dari rumah dan siap dapat punch card.Kalau kat KL mimpilah melainkan kita tinggal di pejabat tu jugak.Huhu..Umur habis dalam tren sajalah huhu...

6.To those not from KL and those not familliar what is Commuter of KTM,the tren is blue,grey and yellow in colour.Compare to other tren in KL like monorail,Putra LRT and Star LRT,the distance of the journey is far and the price is cheaper.For monorail.RM 2.10 is like from to KL sentral to Bukit Bintang but compare to Commuter the price is for distance from KL sentral to Shah Alam..and Shah alam is quite a distance from KL area.

7. My stop station is at Stesen Setia Jaya,the fare is RM 1.30,the 7th after Angkasapuri,Pantai Dalam,Petaling,Jalan Templer,Kampung Dato Harun,and Seri Setia,and its Pelabuhan Kelang line.At KL Sentral terminal,pelabuhan Klang Line is at Terminal 5

8.This is ticket Vending machine..alternative for buying ticket at the counter..pergh sometime it take 10 minutes to wait at the counter ecspecially during peak hour time..

Ticket vending machine

Single, Return and Weekly tickets for adults and children are available at Vending Machine. Tickets can also be purchased at ticket counters. If “No change, exact fare only” signs is lit, please insert exact fare. All tickets are in single payment, including trips that require a transfer at an interchange station.

Follow these steps to purchase a ticket:

  1. Select your destination.
  2. Select “Adult or child”. Select type of tickets - Single, Return or Weekly.
  3. If you require additional tickets, select “Add-On”. Repeat steps 1 and 2. To cancel transaction, press button “B”.
  4. Take note of payment required.
  5. Insert coins into slot; 10 cents, 20 cents or 50 cents coins are accepted. Notes RM1, RM2, RM5, and RM10 are also accepted.
  6. Take your ticket. Please check that the right destination is printed on your ticket. Collect change, if any.
haha i'm sounds like information counter)

KTM Komuter route

The following picture shows the KTM Komuter route map. Click on it to see the enlarged version of the picture.

9.Boarding the train (huhu ,i dislike this one)

When the train arrives, please allow alighting commuters to get off first. (But usually commuters who want to go out blocked by crazy commutters)When boarding the train, be cautious of the gap between the door and the platform. A bell chime will sound before the doors close. Do not enter when you hear this chime. When making a transfer, use the route diagram to check for the right interchange station. (But like always people like to stand beside the door..maybe they want to gout easyly but damn it,this cause commuters who want to enter the train stuck outside,and only on this time the KTM auxiliary police whistling and ask commuters to go inside because they is space inside)

  • Do not lean against the doors
  • Observe the Do’s and Don’t’s signs
  • Have your ticket with you at all times
  • Listen for your destination station to be announced

10. But this is the ugly faces of malaysian,law made to bebroken huhu,just give chances commuter that want to gout firs,then you masuklah...hmm and the other things is sometimes senior citizen or mother bringing their child in the train,the other commuters especially the young one just sitting there..buat buat tak tahu je hehe,damn it,no moral at all lah(sama macxam iklan afdleen ramlee hehe)

click here for more about kl commuter and other transportation in KL.. about transportation in Sarawak hmm laterlah..

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Tune Hotels In Kuching

Tune Hotel will open next year in Kuching,located just opposite to Hilton,nearby to Kuching waterfront and others hotel and strategicly in the Kuching golden triangle.
What i heard that the price of the room is cheap compare to other hotel(like air asia too) but you must book earlier for a cheaper price,let say 6 months and above to get price of RM 9.99 cent per night huhu...
Air asia moving into related market beside having flying business,related market?? i mean the other related market to Air Asia,its very simple my friend,after few years in the market,Air Asia having few problem during flight.Meaning = (delayed flight,cancelled flight) so in the circumstances they give thestranded customers some money for food,transportation fees(taxi,bus etc) and for hotels.
I've experienced the problem when i was in Bandara Soekarno Hatta Jakarta(Bandara is short pronouncing for Bandar Udara-airportlah = in bahasa Malaysia Lapangan Terbang)so my flight should be on 635 pm then delayed to 1035 pm and then suddenly they give announcement that some problem occured at Kuching International Airport.What??? So they said the next flight to Kuching is on tomorrow morning at 6.30 a.m ..hmmm agh aghhhh .So next things they give to each of us 500k (Rupiah lah) huhu for transportation,food and hotel.I take the money but decided to sleep at the airport,anyway the flight is on 630 am,we check in earlier,and then it will take some time from Jakarta(with heavy massive traffic jammed) to airport.So its better just having midnight snack at 24 hour mcdonald there and sleep for a while at the airport with few others stranded passengers.huhu
So now,when Tune Hotel is ready at few major town in Malaysia and in K.L they have sky Bus.Air Asia can cust cost lo..yealah,when passenger stranded at airport,"You can Use our Sky Bus and stay at our Tune Hotel For FREE" yealah the term FREE it is because Tune Hotel and Sky Bus(not Sky Kingdom of Ayah Pin hehe) also the same company of Air Asia (adik Abang one) ..And maybe one day i think air asia will open another subsidise company= Food Industry.
And maybe the restaurant can be known as Mamak Sia=Mamak stall + Air Asia ehhehe (not mama mia yeah) if you're stranded,you can eat anything you want for only RM 9.99 hehe

Friday, 19 December 2008


Again.i borrow pictures from Uncle Awang blog ,yeah i'm in KL now so i can't took any recent pics from Kuching,therefore i just copy and borrow pics around the internet but for sure i'll give big credit to them and ask permission lo,nanti kenak saman hehe.

anyway i just want to talk more about this Bolhassan Trading Shop or mre known as Marup by Kuchingites..Mahrup.what is mahrup and who is mahrup.When somebody mentioning about mahrup,automaticly in mind will related it to bundle shirt or in other word 2nd hand shirt,trousers and related things with it.As far as i remembered,Mahrup is among the earliest business that introducing the bundle business in Kuching,in such cases the Mahrup name become a household name among Kuchingites even for some sarawakian which have come to Kuching.

the first mahrup shop was at Jalan Matang near to Kampung Gita a.k.a kampung Pinang jawa and still in operations now and the second one is at old Kuching City centre,nearby to Open Air and Electra House(not Carmen electra agh..maybe carmen electra got name from this electra House hehe).Nowadays mahrup business is not good as during his glory days,actually not all the shirt,jeans and etc things that sold here is second hand.Some of them are rejected item from the factory therefore the factory sold it cheaply to others.So man,the quality is there but not as the original one huhu..

during the mahrup golden era(wah sound like so well known and so big hehe) people all type of life in Kuching went there for shopping.As i mention before,the item there is not only 2nd hand item but also reject from shop.(in Kuala Lumpur there is Reject Shop selling reject items from factory).And as far i remembred Mahrup is among the first of its kind in Kuching where as selling bundle shirt.As what TV3 slogan "We lead Others Follows" hehe and then there is copy cat bussinesman around town, that having business with some idea.At pisang road,at matang area ,at padungan and lots more

But people always remembered who is what the first one ,like first love lah (huhu my First Love also in Kuching he heh).So after a decades,Marup still there but business as not good as before bcause there is lot of competition in the market and peoplejust dont like to go to bundle more..i dont know why lah..
anyway the Mahrup offsprings have also other bussineses in Kuching like restaurant(Bismillah restaurant nearby to saujana) and recent years starting trading a goat at matang there huhu..

so when you guys go to Kuching dont forget to go to Mahrup ...

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

To write or not to write

To write or not to write,to blog or not to blog, why do people blog and write,yeah its true half of decade ago or in other word not more than 5 years ago,very less people blogging n internet,why ??because they don't know what is blog and maybe that time they just wrote in diary or journal or just on plain paper,condemning somebody with poison letter or creating nuisance poster around town condemning others.

but nowadays ,people start to blog,wither they are school children,teenagers,government people,prime minister,ex prime minister,politician,criminal,drug addict and lots more,all type of people are now blogging,i told you so because i did read it..

what??i'm writing here just like I'm talking to somebody ??yeah its you that reading what i'm typing now,,i dont know who are you and i don't know why you are in my blog?hehe yeah,sometimes people do blogging because they want people to read what they are blogging about..

there is so many type of blog,from love,sex,politics,religion,and lots things that i cannot put and type here because it only wasting my time an energy typing it because you know there is lot and toned of blog out there.

My intention to create blog of my own because...emm maybe because i want to have a blog because everybody have a blog,so what i gonna blog..mmaybe i put interesting things but that things is so very subjective because everything is interesting.So just blog about yourself and what you know,maybe you think that people dont wanna read about your blogging about hehe..dont give a damn what,just type it and who want to read come l;ah and who dont wanna read just go away..

Monday, 15 December 2008

Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak

I managed to get pictures of current construction os Dewan Undangan Negeri sarawak,(guys and gals in Internet to whom it maybe concern,again i'm sorry use yur photo )its look like it nearly ready about 78.9 % to my previous post of DUN few months ago now we can see the yellow roof and so look like umbrella and some might says like UFO hehehe..
so its been a months i'm in Kuala lUmpur and not seeing it maybe give me some conclusion it maybe achieved 85% already heheh.Pictures above showing DUN from different perspectives in Bandaraya Kuching.When it ready,the building will become new city icon and state icon too.Like KLCC in Kuala Lumpur,the hybrid Lion Fish in Singapore,Penang Bridge in Penang lah heheh..and after this the Cat statue in Kuching became less glamour besause of this UFO DUN sighting in Kuching ..what i heard that the cost of this building is about 1 billion hahha,rumour or not i just leave ut to you heheh,maybe its sound ridicilous but who's know...huhu
another thing is when this DUN ready,the next phase of Medan Raya or also call as Masja will be started,formerly known as Petra Jaya Boulevard Project then known as Masja by kuchingites because of the Victorian Moorish style that belongs to Masjid jamek erected there ..The word Masja came from :-MASjid JAmek(MASJA). Ten years ago when the so called Masja building was erected,so many roomers among Kuchingites and Kampungians that live nearby to that area,some said its UNITAR building(Unitar now still operating at Jalan Haji Taha),some said it gonna be new mosque(what crazy kah..ther is Masjid Jamek nearby hehe and lots more story thant sound ridicilous and stranger tahn fictions hehe.
After the demolition of SMK Tun Abang Haji Openg(secondary school) there i still remember the future project of that place..its the modern future development for kuching which consisting of high rise building..more than one..and on that time in the newspaper the place known as Petra Jaya Boulevard.Hmm for me sound more like Hollywood Boulevard hehe..
And time pass by ,for 10 years only one building erected there which called as Masja Building and then few years later renamed to Baitul Makmur..wahh in Islamic belief baitul makmur is place where angels pray..hmm ..wah Taib mahmud really get his vision far above heaven..
but even so called that placed as Masja or Baituil Makmur,that place is not good as its name,considered as a bad area.. whereas teenagers ,prankster or gangster wannabe loafing during night time and almost every night you can see the Malaysian Branch of AlQaeda which so called mat rempit that riding a bike like suicide killer squad..endangered other people that want to have peace of mind make bikers a bad name..but i never labelled them as a bikers though..only as a Mat Rempit with Orang Utan IQ(Err orang Utan got IQ??)
so ..I hope after further developed the DUN ara and connected it MASJA area,the mentallity of people going there also must be upgraded into something better and usefull..not use FOOL.And so.this place will be developed again and the next phase already been started,the twin image of MASJA Building already been started.Just opposite to current Masja building.From the information i got that this place gonna be state government office centre.All state government office will centralised to that arae and the federal department office will be centralised at Matang area(Rambungan :Also project basi more than 10 years)
hopefully in future time when medan raya a.k.a masja a.k.a Petra Jaya Boulevard fully completed,there is no more nasty and un neeeeded things there lo...

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Meeting SAS Boys

SAS ???bunyinya macam geng komando british je haha,anyway tu adalah kependekan bagi nama sekolah aku dulu Sekolah Alam Shah ,Kulaa Lumpur,Jalan Tenteram,Bandar Tun Razak perghh..panjang dan full alamatnya..

ni pulak lambang sekolahnya hmm..teramatlah familiar agaknya agi student dan ex student,tapi hakikatnya sekolah ni dah mati dah terkubur yalah terkubur tanpa nisan..chewah macam drama sedih melankolia pulak,yalah sebab sekarang sekolah aku ni dahlah lokasi dipindahkan ke Putra Jaya bahkan nama sekolah pun ditukar Sekolah Sultan Alam shah dan yang paling jahanam lagi tu Jalan Tenteram tu pulak ditukar nama jadi Jalan Yakop Latif..apa ke there is no more memories to share huhu..Anyway aku masuk kat sekolah ni pada tahun 1990 iaitu masa aku form1 l lah den keluar pada 1992 selepas SRP sebab masa tu SRP markah tak berapa elok sebab aku dapat yang paling tinggi agregat hahah sedangkan maksimum boleh stay adalah 10 agregat huhu..komunis punya sekolah hehe,itu nantilah aku cerita nanti nanti..

jadi kebetulanlah aku ada di KL sekarang dan hari tu aku dah kontek Haizam so jumpalah member member sekolah lama kat Taman Desa,Seputeh,so borak and borak bukak citer lama yang pelik,lucu dan sebagainya kebetulan jugak padahari tu ada member yang nak kawe so antarlah kad jemputan dan dengan tak secra langsung aku pun ikut samalah ..yalah muka tak malu heheh,bukan apa bai,yalah bukan selalu nak jumpa member member lama..campur tahun ni dah kira 16 tahun tak jumpa woo...last jumpa tahun 1992.yang earlier date jumpa adalah ngan si balao dan Beytok a.k.a Norbadrulsyam huhu...

jadi dipendekkan citer aku arrange ngan bob,dia ambik aku kat Mentari Court dan lepas tu terus gi Taman Desa dan kat sana kita orang jumpa dengan Si Bow dan izien(Izmie) haha izien ni dulu sama kelas aku dari form 1 sampai 3 heheh sempat jugaklah bukak citer lama yang sewaktu dengannya,jadi dipendekkan lagi citer kitaorang sementara menunggu yang lian jumpalah dengan si Faiz yang menyewa sama ngan si Bow dan Izin,Faiz Ramli tu nama dialah,sama rumah aku dulu tapi tak sama kelas hehe,Masa form 1 sama biliklah..then jumpa si zarmilan huhu geng bob..(badan orang besar) hehe ..So lepas tu kita orang kumpul sekejap lalulah terus pergi ke kenduri kawen si Jozz (Jazree azmeer)

Perjalanan dari Taman desa ke Ulu kelang taklah jauh sangat yelah itu ukuran jarak dan masa bagi orang Kuala Lumpur yang dah biasa dalam kesesakan dan kebanjiran kereta,huhu kalau diukurkan oleh orang bukan dar i Kuala Lumpur jarak jauh dan tempoh masa berlainan lah,So kita orang gunakan Smart Tunnel,anyway dlama berpa tahun ni,nilah first time gak aku masuk smart tuynnel hehe anyway tunnel ni belumpun sampai setahun jadi kira barulah jugak aku masuk ni,rumah Jozz ni kat area Ulu Kelang so tak jauh dari Bukit antarabangsa and tak jauh jugak kat Highland Tower,highland tower adalah aku nampak tapi bukit tu tak pulak nampak huhu,anyway dulu mulu pernahlah aku gi area ni err sebenarnya sebelah area ni lah ..taman melawati tu pun dah 20 tahun lebih dulu.

Sampai kat sana ramai lah terjumpa member member lama dulu yang ternyata aku memang kenal lagi dan smar smaar lambat nak kenal(lambat pickup)

Jozz(Jazree azmir abdul Jabar) memang sama je maintain tak berubah sngat

Juan Rizal( tak taulah pulak nama smaran) boleh dikenal lagi

Zelang(Azlan Syah) Sama gak mcm dulu dulu

Muluk(Azam abdul Aziz) boleh dikenal lagi cuma nampak dah berubah yalah usia angkat ye tak

Naina(shamsuddin Ramly) lambat sikit nak pick up yalah dulu kecik sekarang tinggi heheh

Firdaus..dari amiekids,ni memang ubah muka aku tak ingat gak lama nak pickup

Zarmilan (mantain lagi)

Bob (azrin) smaa gak maintain

Apek @ Akasha (syahrul Nizam) Geng sama kelas yang dah berlakon sekejap jadi artis hehe sama gak maintainnye.

Faiz Ramli ..Artist dari zaman sekolah biasa jugak semaintainnya

Fahmi Affandi.. Sama bilik aku dulu mm dia pulak tak kenal aku hahah yalah lama tak nampak kan

Ridhwan Shah..sama gak boleh dikenalpasti hehhe

Sullal( Nasrullah) ni pun susah aku nak cam hehe yelah zaman dulu kecik je bila sekarang tinggi lampai

Wak Kebul(Rashidi) wak kebul ni gelaran sebab kebulur sangat haha sebab kalau nak makan dia memang lari je mendahului yang lain hehehe

Petey(Shabirin) biasa dan dapat ku kenal hehe

Ada brapa orang lagi yang aku lupa nama tapi ingat muka hehe,tapi yang nyatanya diaorang call aku ni Kahuer haha ntahlah kenapa nama aku dulu dipamnggil macam tu,yang nyatanya masa sekolah dulu banyak sangat nama samaran yang dicipta,tercipta dan ada sebab yang namanya jadi macam tu huhu..mungkin next time lah aku cerita asal usul kejadian hahahah..evolusi sebuah nama

tapi yang pastinya bro,aku rasa hubungan member kalau masa di zaman sekolah berasmara ni eh..berasmara nih lebih kool dan rapat lagi berbanding kalau sekolah kat luar yang bukan asrama,yalah aku mana mana sekolah aku pernah join.Yalah mana taknya bro,sehari ,sebulan setahun..dari bangun pagi sampai malam memang jumpa muka tu saja and selama beberapa tahun memang kenal pergh..terkenang zaman sekolah dulu yang melucukan ,memalukan dan me me me sebagainya huhu...

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Mentari Court

Mentari Court,di mana mentari court di Kuching? hehe actually mentaricourt memang tak ada di kuching ,cariklah di dalam interet atau peta mana mana pun tak akan jumpalah di mana mentari court di Kuching bahkan di sarwak,jadi di mana mentari Court,yalah sebelum ni aku pun tak tahu di mana mentari court.Oleh kerana dalam usaha singkat untuk ke kuala lumpur mel;aui perancangan singkat,makanya dengan usaha singkat ni aku berjaya mendapat rumah sewa di mentari Court ni,sebenarna mentari court ni adalah dikategorikan sebagai servis apartment lah.. yang mempunyai pelbagai servis,iyalah servis sapu sampah,servis security dan sewaktu dengannya,tolaklah servis seks sebabna memang tak ada dan takakanalah melainkan owner kepada apartment ni adalah seorang atau sekumpulan bapa ayam yang mempunyai wawasan yang pelbagai ..hahhaha mengarut aku nih..

dipendekkan cerita lagi aku dah berada kat sini dalam 5 minggu lah sebab kalau dihitung dengan melalui ingatan aku yang dapat 2 P Stpm ni dan spm gred 2,aku dah masuk sini dalam pertengahan bulan lepas iaitu november 2208 dan sekarang dah hampir minggu kedua dalam november ergh..anyway tinggal kat sini ok semuanya ok cuma satulah kalau nak turun ke bawah and nak keluar ke kl,kena jalan kaki about 7 minit utk ke stesen setia jaya ..tesen komuter dan vice versa balik ke rumah pun mcm tu jugak,habis bermandikan peluh... sebenarnya tempat ni bukan pilihan aku yang pertama bila nak stay kat kl because jarak jauhdari kl satunya dan kedua pulak kos pengangkutan yang berdable pulak kalau nak gi pusat bandaraya aka klcc ataupun bukit bintang..perghh tapi apa nak buat sementara ni aku rasa stay kat sini dululah sementara nunggu fulus yang ada..

eventually gambar gambar ni semua bukan aku yang ambik personally just cilok,pinjam dan coy dari internet ..yalah sementara gambarnya memang ada jadi pinjamlah dari sesiapa yang berkenaan hehe Kat sini bagi aku semua kira bolehlah selesa tapi taklah seslesa sebenarnya,bagi kategori orang bujang yang tak banyak komplen bolehlahh huhu
cuma satu kat sini terlalu rasa terlalu international hehe,kalau kat bawah masa nak tunggu lif aku akan jumpa bermacam warga dunya ,,hehe dari asia ,erppah sampailah amerika dan afrika perghh...bro bro dari afrika pun memang banyak,hatta masa lepak kat cyber cafe kat block sebelah aku aku rasa tengah surfing kat padang sahara yalah mana tak sekeliling penuh dengan awang hitam ditambah lah pulak dengan muzik muzik dari kampung diorang ergh... i'm in africa mann hehehhe
swimming pool memang ada kat bawah,antara block a,b,c,dan d dan semestinya semua orang yang ada kata sana memenuhi swimming pool tu,ehmm buat masa ni aku belum terasa nak mandi kat sana lah dulu...