Sunday, 21 December 2008

Tune Hotels In Kuching

Tune Hotel will open next year in Kuching,located just opposite to Hilton,nearby to Kuching waterfront and others hotel and strategicly in the Kuching golden triangle.
What i heard that the price of the room is cheap compare to other hotel(like air asia too) but you must book earlier for a cheaper price,let say 6 months and above to get price of RM 9.99 cent per night huhu...
Air asia moving into related market beside having flying business,related market?? i mean the other related market to Air Asia,its very simple my friend,after few years in the market,Air Asia having few problem during flight.Meaning = (delayed flight,cancelled flight) so in the circumstances they give thestranded customers some money for food,transportation fees(taxi,bus etc) and for hotels.
I've experienced the problem when i was in Bandara Soekarno Hatta Jakarta(Bandara is short pronouncing for Bandar Udara-airportlah = in bahasa Malaysia Lapangan Terbang)so my flight should be on 635 pm then delayed to 1035 pm and then suddenly they give announcement that some problem occured at Kuching International Airport.What??? So they said the next flight to Kuching is on tomorrow morning at 6.30 a.m ..hmmm agh aghhhh .So next things they give to each of us 500k (Rupiah lah) huhu for transportation,food and hotel.I take the money but decided to sleep at the airport,anyway the flight is on 630 am,we check in earlier,and then it will take some time from Jakarta(with heavy massive traffic jammed) to airport.So its better just having midnight snack at 24 hour mcdonald there and sleep for a while at the airport with few others stranded passengers.huhu
So now,when Tune Hotel is ready at few major town in Malaysia and in K.L they have sky Bus.Air Asia can cust cost lo..yealah,when passenger stranded at airport,"You can Use our Sky Bus and stay at our Tune Hotel For FREE" yealah the term FREE it is because Tune Hotel and Sky Bus(not Sky Kingdom of Ayah Pin hehe) also the same company of Air Asia (adik Abang one) ..And maybe one day i think air asia will open another subsidise company= Food Industry.
And maybe the restaurant can be known as Mamak Sia=Mamak stall + Air Asia ehhehe (not mama mia yeah) if you're stranded,you can eat anything you want for only RM 9.99 hehe