Friday, 19 December 2008


Again.i borrow pictures from Uncle Awang blog ,yeah i'm in KL now so i can't took any recent pics from Kuching,therefore i just copy and borrow pics around the internet but for sure i'll give big credit to them and ask permission lo,nanti kenak saman hehe.

anyway i just want to talk more about this Bolhassan Trading Shop or mre known as Marup by Kuchingites..Mahrup.what is mahrup and who is mahrup.When somebody mentioning about mahrup,automaticly in mind will related it to bundle shirt or in other word 2nd hand shirt,trousers and related things with it.As far as i remembered,Mahrup is among the earliest business that introducing the bundle business in Kuching,in such cases the Mahrup name become a household name among Kuchingites even for some sarawakian which have come to Kuching.

the first mahrup shop was at Jalan Matang near to Kampung Gita a.k.a kampung Pinang jawa and still in operations now and the second one is at old Kuching City centre,nearby to Open Air and Electra House(not Carmen electra agh..maybe carmen electra got name from this electra House hehe).Nowadays mahrup business is not good as during his glory days,actually not all the shirt,jeans and etc things that sold here is second hand.Some of them are rejected item from the factory therefore the factory sold it cheaply to others.So man,the quality is there but not as the original one huhu..

during the mahrup golden era(wah sound like so well known and so big hehe) people all type of life in Kuching went there for shopping.As i mention before,the item there is not only 2nd hand item but also reject from shop.(in Kuala Lumpur there is Reject Shop selling reject items from factory).And as far i remembred Mahrup is among the first of its kind in Kuching where as selling bundle shirt.As what TV3 slogan "We lead Others Follows" hehe and then there is copy cat bussinesman around town, that having business with some idea.At pisang road,at matang area ,at padungan and lots more

But people always remembered who is what the first one ,like first love lah (huhu my First Love also in Kuching he heh).So after a decades,Marup still there but business as not good as before bcause there is lot of competition in the market and peoplejust dont like to go to bundle more..i dont know why lah..
anyway the Mahrup offsprings have also other bussineses in Kuching like restaurant(Bismillah restaurant nearby to saujana) and recent years starting trading a goat at matang there huhu..

so when you guys go to Kuching dont forget to go to Mahrup ...


Andromeda said...

Hello, I am one of Haji Mahruf's grandchildren and this is my first time encountering a blog post of my grandfather's shop and I am extremely honoured :) But actually, my grandfather, Haji Mahruf, he used to sell just kain from house to house and then my uncle, Bolhassan, also his eldest son, was told by Haji Mahruf to start up his own business. So my uncle traveled to Singapore and Japan in order to find some suppliers. After a few years of looking for suppliers, he finally found some and voila, the business! :D
Anyways, thank you for spending your time to write a blog of my family's shop :]

thrasher115 said...

oo thank you for the info ..i just comment based on what i know hehe..thanks again for the added info,and more reliable because you're the closest family to the business.