Wednesday, 17 December 2008

To write or not to write

To write or not to write,to blog or not to blog, why do people blog and write,yeah its true half of decade ago or in other word not more than 5 years ago,very less people blogging n internet,why ??because they don't know what is blog and maybe that time they just wrote in diary or journal or just on plain paper,condemning somebody with poison letter or creating nuisance poster around town condemning others.

but nowadays ,people start to blog,wither they are school children,teenagers,government people,prime minister,ex prime minister,politician,criminal,drug addict and lots more,all type of people are now blogging,i told you so because i did read it..

what??i'm writing here just like I'm talking to somebody ??yeah its you that reading what i'm typing now,,i dont know who are you and i don't know why you are in my blog?hehe yeah,sometimes people do blogging because they want people to read what they are blogging about..

there is so many type of blog,from love,sex,politics,religion,and lots things that i cannot put and type here because it only wasting my time an energy typing it because you know there is lot and toned of blog out there.

My intention to create blog of my own because...emm maybe because i want to have a blog because everybody have a blog,so what i gonna blog..mmaybe i put interesting things but that things is so very subjective because everything is interesting.So just blog about yourself and what you know,maybe you think that people dont wanna read about your blogging about hehe..dont give a damn what,just type it and who want to read come l;ah and who dont wanna read just go away..


uncleawang said...

So you want to borrow my photo??never mind ambil saja Halal.
Kita ni bukan Pro. nak jual jual atau ada copy right itu ini.
I setuju dengan apa yang you tulis 'To write or not to write'.
To me blogging just that better to blog than lepak-lepak kat warung kopi.I'm senior now ..56yrs so to refresh my otak bagus blogging .
Betul tak!!!Thanks for drop by my blog.. Cheer.