Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Mind your grammar

my friend just stop by and reading my blog..aye..why you start bloging in english..why not in malay?

oo its just my own protest when bahsa melayu change to bahsa malaysia,make all people confused and me also confused.

my friend then said to me..i think better you continue blogging in malay,your english have so many wrong n grammar etc etc..

i admit it,my english is not so good when put into writing or sometime when communicating,past tense maybe used for present tense etc whats your point? iask to my friend..

one of my intention to blogging in english is that i can improve my english maybe aliitle bit by bit..
if you want to read,you can read,i'm sure all of you read my blog understand it..

hehee..but maybe i'll blogging in Bahasa Malaysia to and english too...