Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Melayu

this nonsense things come again and the government revert this matter again and again..to use term of Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia.as a national language..
Bahasa melayu and bahasa Malaysia is totally different things to me.Bahasa Melayu own by Malay and Bahasa Malaysia own by Malaysian but all can speak Malay so just better put it Bahasa Melayu.

when come to me this matter,why should again revert again the term to bahaa Malaysia,just better put in as Bahasa Melayu,why..afraid that other races not malay afraid or dont want to use Bahasa Melayu.Look at Singapore,Bahasa Melayu become one of it National Language..Bahasa Malaysia in Singapore..sound stupid to me.Even in Indonesia,they adopt Bahasa Melayu as their national language,even they call it Bahasa Indonesia on later day.But looking in indonesia,the majority of its people known with javanese culture and language but the prefer to use the malay language as lingua franca( Refer to Sumpah Pemuda Bangsa 1928) so are they using Bahasa Malaysia ..no no no and noooo..

its Bahasa Melayu..why in malaysia it called Bahasa Malaysia and where is the Bahasa Melayu..lost..gone..where..in grave..

how about Bahasa Mandarin and Bahasa Tamil,maybe the term should be demolished to and change to Bahasa Malaysia 2 and bahasa Malaysia 3..

as Bahasa Melayu is pronounced dead by Government,i prefer to use English,eventhough my English is not so good,even though i'm not born with english tounge,my parent is not english man nor english lady..my grammar is bad,but not as bad to people who make my language dead..

I type it just for my own protest...haha if anybody read this blog and read my statement dont make it as political statement hehehe