Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Look at the sky,its not a bird...

ha ha look at the sky again..its not abird,or its not plane,and its not superman..its just the haze,came back again.In malaysia,we dont have summer ,winter autumn or whatsoever.Only Hot,dry ,wet for all years and sometime it come with haze season hahaha..

the haze or maybe some people like to call it smoke,smog or whatever. ,in malay its called as jerebu but not jelebu as jelebu is a place at negeri sembilan,so now haze is annuall season like dry season,rainy season,and hazy season.buts its not in any metheorogical callendar,or anybody like to wait for it.it come whenver it want to come,blew by the wind and it come..

for past few years,haze season come with so many problem with it.this year in malaysia is visit malaysia years and hopefully malaysian and malaysian government dont want any haze or hazy situation.When come to haze season,all look so blur,there is no blue sky,we cant see any star or moon when came to night and around us smell like smoke.even you are not smoking or nobody you know is smoking around you..suddenly around you full of smell like smoke..uhuk uhuk..

sadly my school teacher passed away because of this haze season,.umm if im not wrong during 1997 haze season.she's having athsma and athsma people are very allergic to this situation.the air in the haze is poisonous to them,as people dont have athsma also might have some problem when breathing..uhuk uhuk...

i'm not coughing but just pretend to cough ...i have few friends that have athsma and pity of them,when come to this haze season,its like they have a season to stay inside the house.

what i remember during 1997 haze,the weather look so cloudy but there is no rain,there is sun but you cant see any sun.and the climax of the situation when 12.00 in noon look like the time is 6.45 p.m...looks so gloomy..no wind,no sunlight,just smog smog and smog..