Thursday, 6 December 2012

Santubong Old Shop Houses

Old Shop houses in Santubong,as i can remember since 1980's when i was little kid,this shophouses already exist and source from elder in Santubong this shophouses remain this condition since 1950's.Earlier there was 6 block of shop houses but then reduced to only 3..(middle 1990's)..Now there's only 2 proprietor left become the household name in Santubong is Ah Kun Shop,even though his son run the shop now,the name Ah Kun shop remain until today..
Back in 1980's and before there was no other shop here in Santubong,beside Ah Kun and few shop there.When Santubong Bridge open sometimes in 1987,Santubong people have access directly to shop from Kuching City where they can buy directly goods from Kuching.During the times where only boat use for transportation from Kuching to Santubong and vice versa,its hard to the villagers to buy items from kuching and take a few days to go upriver to Kuching and bring items via the boat.

Today,all of the hardship become history and just become an old man story to tell to their offsprings.However the Ah Kun shop and the shophouses still become an household name here in santubong and the villagers still buying items here.


AWANG said...

I like the old version of Cola advertisment..