Thursday, 6 December 2012

Awas ada Buaya

Awas ada buaya (Beware Of Crocodile) : Where got Crocodile In Sarawak ?? hahaha very stupid question to ask,but if you dont know,almost every big and small river in Sarawak have crocodile,and this crocodile have long brutal history against human especially against human live nearby the river.Every year there are several cases of crocodile attack and eating human,in some cases,the body of victim never found again.But,people still using river in sarawak as their source of income and route of transportation.

Rajang river and samarahan River are known with their brutal crocodile and the crocodile have their own name which is known as Bujang Senang and bujang Samarahan,during 1980's ,Rejang river rampaged by Bujang senang,a legendary crocodile among local and even for sarawakian. There's a myth saying Bujang Senang is human cursed becoming a crocodile and since then he make revenge against the descendant of the people's that cursed him.Malay and Iban are most people attack and kill by the crocodile including by Bujang Senang.

At the end of 1980's large hunting conducted by Forest Department of sarawak,hunting Bujang Senang because Bujang Senang attack and kill people and make people live nearby hard to use the river and doing their daily job.In Sarawak,river is source for food,generate income and for transportation. During this operation the Forest department managed to kill one gigantic crocodile and they confirm it as Bujang Senang,The dead crocodile have a white stripe on it back,some people says,that the dead crocodile is not Bujang Senang but his assistant Daeng perani..who knows the real story?? But since then ,the rampage at Batang Lupar gone.. only sometimes there's still vicious attack by crocodile but not from Bujang Senang,maybe by other crocs.Maybe descendant of Bujang Senang,who lnows.His Son avenged the death of hos father...hahahha,and the legend still continue until today.

Recent years,the Crocs rise again,attacking human not only in Batang Lupar but in other part of sarawak,even at the beach (Pasir Pandak)..Some people says that Crocodile numbers are rising in these few years and since no hunting against them,crocs are multiply each years..without no competitors like piranha or other type of Predator here in Borneo,The crocs not only multiplying but can get bigger and bigger and become monster crocs.