Thursday, 15 June 2017

Retro Photo of Ariel View of Kuching

Aerial View of Kuching Town circa 1920's.A few building and places we can recognized and still exist today,some are demolished and some have changes.Kuching Main Post Office on Jalan Tun Haji Openg only built on 1931,Completed in 1932 under Charles Vyner (the third Rajah).

The site was once used for a police station and also the Rajah’s Stables. Occupants of the old Medical Headquarters across the road (now is Textile Museum) fondly recall looking to the Rajah’s Stables, surrounded by areca palms, to the coach house, hay loft and harness room, and watching the horses being fed, watered & groomed.

Buildings at Riverfront of Gambier Road all are demolished now (circa early 2010's) for development of Kuching Waterfront extention.Padang Merdeka (known before as Padang Central) not as big as today.There was a road back then,and few buildings nearby.As what i can remembered ,during my childhood years at the end of 1970's ,the road still there,and there was a fountain too.

In my humble opinion,some building need to be retain.No need for demolish,we can refurbish and keep it for our future generations appreciate our heritage and history.But,what to do,we can only become observer for everything that change around us.