Friday, 10 April 2009

Kompleks Islam sarawak

This photo showing the proposed of Kompleks Islam Sarawak that will be build in the current site of JabatanAgama islam Sarawak building,DBKU Library Building and Ex state Library building.Anyway to this date all the building there already demolished and whats left is rubble,the construction will be started after the site clearance in few months ahead.

This building is 100 percent sponsored by Muslim and muslim organisations in Sarawak.


uncleawang said...

Wow!!!!lot's of beautiful building coming up..very good & i guess there will be more job for Sarawakian once the building completed.

thrasher115 said...

yes,i hope so.Based on the information.This new islamic complex is 17 storey which the highest in Satok area,consisting of Hall,seminar,DBKU library,shopping podium etc etc..

and will be ready by 2011