Saturday, 18 April 2009

Borneo Covention Centre

Last night after having dinner at Koperkasa at Petra Jaya area,i with my friend went to Tambak Bako causeway as every friday night there will be a drag race there..Illegal though.Just want to see any new style and skill driving a modified car.But after a few minutes we decided to go away from there as many spectator arrived and we just afraid if there any raid by traffic,its so hard to escape from the blockade.So we 're using Isthmus area.I've been away from Kuching about 5 months plus not going to isthmus area more than 6 arrived at the construction area of Borneo Convention Centre,i so amazed that Th Convention Centre near to finish
2.The size is so big,near to the size of Sarawak Stadium.Compare when look at the early plan and photo from internet.The size look not so big .But seeing is believing.In few months the Convention Centre will be readyand bythen the construction of Kuching tower will started.I managed to get few photo from Internet about Borneo Covention centre,The isthmus and the development around the area.
3.The area will become second city centre of kuching where not only Office,hotel but shopping complexes and others like recreational park,and housing area.

4.The anchor part of this Isthmus is the borneo Convention centre and Kuching Tower,after both of this building ready,other development will be commenced.