Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Old Ceko Market

This is the regular view at Jalan Gambier where as ceko wet market situated,the wet market established since early 20th century where as Ceko and jalan gambier become centre for people across Kuching met and having various business transactions.Before supermarket,mini market or other wet market established in other part of Kuching,ceko market considered as first market in Kiuching and still ,today become the main attracttion and centre for farmer,fishermen and other produce from Kuching area to sell their product.

Across the ceko market there is whole saller selling their item to shopkeepers.Not far from that area is Kuching Old Mosque which was erected middle 1800.Between the mosque is where some Indian retailer still selling curry herb and various product in old way (not like what we have now in supermarket where curry and other type of herb already in package.)

In my point of view,there is no other place in sarawak that that look same like the ceko area. Beside the ceko market,there is also 5 foot hawkers that selling vegetables,ikan terubok and sometimes local cake (kuih),for past few years this stree hawkers playing cat and mouse with local enforcement officer(DBKU = City Council Enforcement Officer).The reason for this enforcement officer playing cat and mouse with these street hawkers because this hawkers are labelled as ILLEGAL,with defibition they loiterring the area and dont have any permit selling their item there.

Beside of some hawkers complaining that these illegal hawkers disturbing their other word,the customer are buying from the street hawker not from the ceko hawkers..As for some reason and complaint and lot of application from the so called ILLEGAL street hawker,finally the local council giving chances they selling their item there as long they keep the place clean,make way for other hawkers.


Anonymous said...

Came across a posting on same market, name spelt as "cekur" but it's the same - the url is ---

thrasher115 said...

ceko and cekur its the same place..only the differences is maybe the pronouncation....