Sunday, 23 December 2007

Sanctuary Hotel and mall Kuching

This building proposed to be build in current Ceko market,across of Astana Negeri.This building will be known as Sanctuary Hotel and Mall,where as the building consisting of Shopping Complex,cafe and hotel.This building is part of the new waterfront extension in Kuching whereas the next phase of Kuching waterfront stretched from this Ceko market to Brooke Dockyard All this pics(i mean the brooke dockyard itself) will become part of History as next year,this place will be demolished for giving place to New Kuching waterfront,so Kuchingites ,grab your camera and start to take pics of surrounding Brooke Dockyard to ceko.


G L said...

I propose to maintain the Brooke Dockyard and convert it into a historical building. After all it is a major part of our local history.

AWANG said...

Saya sokong GL.. The whoever concern or SEDC..ask them to learn from Melacca state..I love how Melaka preserve the heritage building.