Thursday, 24 May 2007

Pak Tambang

The new built Harmony Bridge will jeopardise the exsistence of Pak tambang.Pak tambang known as kuching icon,i donno since when Pak Tambang operated along Sungai sarawak..maybe more than 1000 years ago hehehe ..nolah its a stupid joke from me hehehe.maybe about 100 years ago when there is no such buses,taxi,motorcycle or car in kuching..

there is only water transportation back then.yea lah..based on evolution of Kuching city and history book.. even i still not exist that time hehe..( i only know it from history books etc etc)

But the truth is what will happened to our Kuching icon ,this so called"Pak Tambang" .Eventhough land transportation nowadays is better than yesterday(1970's.1980's)but certain people still using Tambang as transportation such as people staying in Malay Kampung across river.

And dont forget tourist from other parts of Sarawak,from Sabah,semenanjung and orang putih...