Thursday, 7 February 2013

Piasau Camp Bridge

A view of Piasau Camp Bridge at Piasau Camp ,Miri. A yesteryear photo of the bridge (above) and recent photo (new bridge ) with two lane for motorist.The old bridge now is only for bicycle or pedestrian.The old bridge was the only bridge connecting from the town side to the Piasau Camp side.Few years back there was ferry services at the tip of Pulau Melayu Island ( south side of Piasau Camp area).

The other way to come to this Piasau Camp is via Lutong which took longer time and very far compare using this bridge.I remember when using the old bridge,when came to peak hour,morning,noon and after office hour,this are can become so jammed.It's because the old bridge only one way and lots of car and motorcycles want to use the bridge in the same time,either from the Piasau Camp side or from the town side.

Users are not only from Piasau Camp resident but also from the villager live nearby (Kampung Pulau Melayu),and Golfers at Pulau melayu Golf area,and  People live near to Lutong consist of Petronas workers and villagers .In recent years there's a lot development in nearby area such as new housing area and development of Marina Bay in this area,the new Piasau Camp Bridge is the right time where came along development in this area.There's a traffic light on the old bridge and this traffic light work differently from other types of traffic light. It can turn green and red in split second and event its turn green you must wait for a while,awaring some motorist from across river will use the bridge event the  traffic light change red.

Sadly the more than half century Piasau camp also will be demolished to give way for a new development in this area.Hopefully the green part of this area shall be retained and give this area identity of its own.The nearby Kampung and Golf park also will be moved in near future and this will make a new landscape for this area.