Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Old Kuching Photo : Old shophouses near Open Air

This photo was an old photo,taken circa 1960's from open Air Market Kuching.(You can see it's 60's from the car shown in the photo).This building still available today (2012).But who knows ,one day all of this will be demolished to make way for development.In my humble opinion,building with historical value and share with people from early day of the place(like this building),should be retain and keep it in a good condition for view of next generation.
As from this photo from 1960's,the building and surrounded area are still the same.Only a few demolition behind this building (Lebuh Jawa) where some of shop houses and Jetty demolished to make way  for Kuching Waterfront extension.


MR BUTCH said...

I'm interested to use on of your photos in a publication.Could not find your email add on this blog to forward my request. Pls email me at

mygukguk said...

Hi I am looking for old Carpenter street anf main bazaar street photo. Maybe you help me in caseyou have?