Monday, 26 September 2011

Kuching Skyline from MAA building

MAA building located at Padungan


Anonymous said...

Nice blog. Where did you get the old pictures from??

And drop by my blog ya.

thrasher115 said... the pics from internet..forgot lah from which website..but i just try to recollect and gathered all information about ,sarawak,borneo and all its people...all of us connected in some way that does'nt explain in any history book... got good blog too ..

thrasher115 said...

malay of saribas was call laut because the malay there origin from iban tribe too..the melanau spoke in mukah and sarikei have similiarity with penan and kenyah..but in moder world..nobody want to talkabout it..there are so many things in our land that we can discover more..