Friday, 25 March 2011

Kuching Rex old Cinema

A retro photo of Rex Cinema in Kuching, now the building replaced with Medan Pelita ,consisting of Food court and restaurant,multilevel Parking spaces and Cinema (Star Cineplex).

As far as i can remember the Rex building demolished sometimes early or middle 1990's,between 1992 to 1995.It was then when i was still in High school.During my childhood,my uncle used to bring me here and i can remember watching Superman.But it was that time,during cinema still become one of people entertainment,where television only have TV1 and TV2.

After revolution of television,cable tv,VCR,VCD and home entertainment.Cinema abandon and it happened to Rex,Capitol and many more Cinema in Kuching and other places too.The only old cinema left in Kuching now only Cathay near to Brooke dockyard..Only the building left and now become market.Sound funny but that's the fact,in near future that old building also will be demolish to give chance to development.


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