Sunday, 5 December 2010

Bidayuh's Baruk house

Bidayuh's Baruk headhouse @ Kg Opar, Sarawak.

Some pronounce it as Baruk and others spell it as Barok.Both are same meaning and refer to Bidayuh people.

Baruk can be made into a model for a modern cool community hall. The Baruk structure capitalised on air convection as the principle for keeping the building cool. The other aspect is that it provide an atmosphere of equality in term of status when come to the seating arrangment.

In the old days, this is where the Bidayuh keep their enemies skulls.

'Mukah', a Bidayuh religious festival to appease the spirits of 'Tikurouk' (skulls of enemies) is held here. This is no longer practise because most Bidayuhs are now Christians.

Uses of the Baruk.

  • Used by the Pagans to practise the 'Adat Oma' and performing traditional dances.
  • In the olden days, a defensive point for the Bidayuh Village.
  • Used by all unmarried men and young boys of the village as their sleeping place. (Keep them out of mischief!).
  • Rest house for visitors. (Most of them must have had nightmare!).
  • A meeting place for the villagers/with Government Officials.
  • A venue for religious and cultural ceremonies.

Another unique thing about Bidayuh architecture, is the complete absent in the use of iron nails. We use a system of joints and the building materials are held in place with the use of special ropes/rattan.

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