Saturday, 27 November 2010

New Water Taxi of Sarawak River

Photo : From Uncle Awang
Recently, water Taxi of Sarawak River launched in waterfront during Satok Fest (Satok fest in waterfront??) New concept modern in style and full with safety measure.Few months earlier ,there was a competition organised by SEDC (sarawak Economy Development Authority).Competition to public designing water taxi for Sarawak River.

There is a proposal to make a water taxi in Sarawak River similar to Gondola in Itali.The idea is in context of tourism where it reflect that Kuching is River city like in Milan..huhu..that's is so far away and European,that is their trademark.As a Kuchingite, i opposed this idea.We have our own pak Tambang and this is our Sarawak River Trademark.You think of Sarawak River,the other thing you think is Pak Tambang.So there is no connection between Gondola and Sarawak River.