Friday, 16 January 2009

Big Tree at padang Merdeka Kuching.

1.This is a very big tree in front of Merdeka Palace Kuching,and from all resources i got,this tree is very old maybe 100 years old.To local this tree is called pokok "Kabu- kabu".First of all i dont know how to translate kabu-kabu to english or in Bahasa Malaysia..but maybe i can explain a bit.Kabu kabu just like cotton,very light,white and people used it to make pillow or mattress( when used it with lot amount)

2.Once a year or twice a year or maybe once in two years,this tree will produce the flower and when it fall ,the white kabu kabu fell from tree,like snow.I cannot tell when is the exact time the kabu kabu snow fell.But i know ot when some people gather under the tree and at Padang Merdeka.Several years back i dont know why that some people gathering under the tree and some part of the Padang Merdeka(Padang = Field).

3.They gathered there and look like collecting something.and then i asked friend what are these people friend answered..they're collecting kabu-kabu flower.. Hmm...thats what they're doing.Actually that's is not interesting for me but maybe for those people.hehe..Anyway if you pass by at Hotel merdeka Palace or Padang Merdeka Kuching,dont forget to took photo beside this tree.this tree already marked and gazette by Sarawak Government as Sarawak national Treasure(maybe because it old age and located at Kuching City Centre.)

4. Few years back,this tree become leaveless and look like dying any moment.And that very moment,sarawak government call some specialist from outside Malaysia to check and make a better treatment(like patient at the hospital Lo) ..and its work,the tree condition back to normal to this day..

5. As far as i can remember to this year my age near tto 32..that tree is just big and big like that..yea maybe during my childhood year,i'll see it through other perspective but ,that tree is already big and tall like that.Even when i ask my uncle about the tree,during his school years at St Thomas on 1970's(behind merdeka palace hotel) that tree also big and tall like today..(mm no photograph evidence though.Just by memory) mmm...

6.Anyway,before Padang Merdeka got the name of the Padang merdeka,it was known as Padang Central by Kuchingites and sarawakian.The name change to Padang merdeka on early 1990' i not wrong maybe 1n 1992.As that time Kuching host the National Day's Parade.Which is also the first having outside of Kuala Lumpur.So Padang Central change to Padang merdeka.Maybe it got influence by Dataran Merdeka In Kuala Lumpur.The green field in the middle of the city.And national parade done there because of that government just give it title "merdeka" . Considered at kuching the field is smaller and less accomodation surround it so it name as Padang not Dataran as in Kuala Lumpur.

7. During 1992 merdeka day parade in Kuching,Merdeka Palace was under construction.Before the merdeka palace there was Aurora Hotel not big as merdeka palace,but not a small hotel..7 or 8 stry high.But of course it was beyond my time and as i want to remember what the hitel look like,its just like looking in the very blur mirror.And finally i only managed to see Merdeka Palace heheh..


Kelupu said...

This is a beautiful tree. Kuching is a great place. People in Kuching, especially the younger generations are more aware of environmental issue. But I still see people, young and old dumping trash into the river and sea.

||Best Man Win|| said...

wahhh,,nice view bro..tgkp gmbr dr MP eak..

Anonymous said...

This is called a Kapok tree. You can buy the kapok in India Street in bags. They use it to stuff mattress, pillows or bolsters. If done well, they are much better than the polystyrene stuff. There is a joke that if ever an engineer were asked to design a tree, a kapok tree would be the result as it has symmetrical branches all the way up.

Anonymous said...

There is another kapok tree at the Bamfylde rd and Batu Lintang Rd junction. It is not as big.

Ching said...

I got the picture of aurora hotel in 1959....that time aurora hotel was 3 storey high only and with few 1950's cars like morris parked in front.