Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Bus In Kuching

Welcome to Kuching,when you come to kuching and using bus here,you can feel that you are still in 1980's with bus condition thats not change for several years.Even in miri,the bus has changed into modern buses and its make the comutte felt comfortable without bumpy ride,cool with aircond and nice seat.Riding in this buses its make no difference when you're using the bus in 1980's hehehe..

Some friends from other town of sarawak and other place from malaysia did comment about the bus here to me and i admit it..i dont know weither the government have any programmed to upgrade the system or just make it like this for another 10 or 20 years..The blue bus above is Chin Lian Long Bus,during my primary school years at S.R.B St theresa padungan i used it everyday .from my house(marine Police Base in Bintawa) to padungan and vice versa..the bus number 1s 19..so recently i used the same bus again(near to 20 years) and the bus condition is still same like in 1988..wahhh...no improvement at all ..what a shame lol...

Kuching is served by several major bus companies. The Sarawak Transport Company (traditionally green) have routes from Kuching to other smaller towns. A large portion of the buses in service are antiquated and not air conditioned. The fares are low. Although, the routes are poorly documented, the stops have no names and the buses not well known for being punctual - it is not difficult to get to places because Kuching is a friendly city and most are able to communicate in English. For tourists, the State Ministry of Tourism has provided bus shuttles to transport tourists around Kuching.

(pics by Khairul onggon:flickr)