Friday, 14 September 2007

Kucing,Kuching,Cochin,Pusak and Mayao

Kucing,Kuching,Cochin,Pusak and Mayao

do you what is the similiarity and the differences between Kucing,Kuching,Cochin,Pusak and Mayao ?

some of the name have similiarity but then some of it also have the differences..Kucing,Kuching and cochin have some similiarity when we pronounced it..Kucing is a cat in bahasa Melayu(Malay language) while Kuching is a state capital of Sarawak..there is only ''h'' make the difference while cochin is a harbour city in east india.

but when come to pronouncation,Kucing,Kuching and cochin have not much differences

while kucing,pusak and mayao all have same meaning..the meaning is a cat..while kucing in Malay Language,Pusak is a cat in Sarawak Malay language and mayao is cat in Iban language.

In Bidayuh cat are call kusheng while for Bintulu people they call it Seng..not Ah Seng..